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Downtown Pittsburgh

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Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; also known as The Golden Triangle. Picture taken from Liberty Bridge, over the Monongahela River. From left-to-right, the more prominent buildings in this photo are:
  • One PPG Place
  • Fifth Avenue Place
  • Two PNC Plaza (also known as Equibank Building/2 Oliver Plaza); partially hidden behind One PNC Plaza
  • One PNC Plaza (also known as Pittsburgh National Bank Building)
  • FreeMarkets Center (also known as 1 Oliver Plaza)
  • One Oxford Centre
  • Three Mellon Center
  • Grant Building
  • One Mellon Center (also known as Dravo Tower/1 Mellon Bank Center)
  • U.S. Steel Tower (also known as USX Tower)

This is the last picture in the Downtown Pittsburgh series; you can view the first or previous picture.