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Mellon Institute

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Mellon Institute, located in the heart of Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood, is the home of the Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University. The building was dedicated in May, 1937 to brothers Andrew W. and Richard B. Mellon; it was initially called the Mellon Institute for Industrial Research. In 1967, it merged with the Carnegie Institute of Technology to form Carnegie Mellon University.

Today, the building houses 2 of the Mellon College of Science's 4 academic departments: biological sciences and chemistry. The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center also resides in Mellon Institute.

Inspiration for the limestone and granite building came largely from the Parthenon and from the small temple of Nike Apteros on the Acropolis. 62 monolithic limestone columns line the four sides of the building, each weighing about 62 tons. The columns are over 36 feet tall, with diameters of 6 feet at the bottom and 5 feet at the top. The sidewalk, platform and steps are all made of granite.

Here are other architectural images from the Oakland area in Pittsburgh: